Monday, June 8, 2009

The Scrap Quilt

The scrap quilt took about 10 years to make. Not that it was that difficult; it just spent a lot of time idle. The pattern came from a block-of-the month calendar (1996, I believe) and I thought "what a great way to whittle down my stash of fabric!" The plan was to make a block a month, but soon other projects got in the way. Years later, I finally completed it but I didn't like it. Back in the closet it went! One day, I got the idea to put sequins on it and that's exactly what it needed to go from ho-hum to wow!

The crow block was the first block I made.

July's block.

Cat and sewing notions.

A few more squares!

My favorite square.


TerBear said...

I feel honored that I got to see this quilt in person! I remember that sense of awe. I still feel that way looking at the pictures. It is beautiful ..... fun ..... amazing..... and very creative!

You are a girl after my own heart. Nothing like some sequins to add a bit of wow! Ever notice my glitter lotion? I used to reserve it for ho-hum days. Now I wear it even on the best of days. Hmm.... that reminds me of my friend's adorable pair of sparkling periwinkle shoes. ;-) Life is meant to be enjoyed and you seem to have found the secret! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with me.

I have missed your blog, but I can say this post was well worth the wait. Thanks for sharing.


Bambi said...

OMG ... I love this quilt!!! The crow square is my favorite ... you make the most amazing creations!!!