Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Happy Place!

Here is a corner of the backyard that is positively bursting! When we moved into our new house, the backyard was nothing but dirt ... a perfect blank canvas. It's a perpetual work in progress and that's fine with me!
The muddy area at the bottom of the photo is the future flagstone path. Right above that is last year's vegetable garden that is now completely covered in California poppies just waiting for their time to put on a show.

Here is another view that includes the dry creek bed. This was a low spot where water pooled and plants drowned. We decided to turn it into something beautiful by adding river rock to create a flowing focal point. Eventually, there will be ground cover and plants everywhere there is now mulch.
The huge cacti sprung from just three ears collected off the ground in Sonoma. That side of the house gets sun all day long and the cacti are thrilled with their new home. In late summer, they bloom with papery yellow, pink, and orange flowers. I'm now itching to get outside and get some dirt under my nails!


TerBear said...

Your garden looks great! I love the dry creek bed. It is really a nice touch. The purple flowers are gorgeous. Are they Happy Wanderers? I am amazed at the size of the cactus that began from cuttings.

Your blank canvas has turned into a beautiful work of art! Isn't playing in the dirt fun? It's one of the least expensive forms of therapy. ;-)

Please post a photo of the poppies when they are in bloom. They are one of my favorite flowers.

Your gardening buddy,

Bambi said...

Your garden is beautiful and so inviting ... I want to walk along the path and take a closer look!

I can imagine sitting out there relaxing and enjoying the peace and serenity you have created. Very nicely done.

Lynn said...

Love that big cactus!!!!
What are you quilting next?