Sunday, March 15, 2009


I know this is no way to run a blog! I got myself bogged down trying to get a good picture of the redwork quilt. It was difficult to photograph because it is HUGE (just about bed-sized). I ended up draping it over the fence. Because it is white, it was hard to photograph without it washing out. Anyway...TA DA! It's hand-embroidered, hand quilted and just how I wanted it to turn out.


TerBear said...


This was well worth the wait. It is WONDERFUL! The embroidered blocks look great combined with the red checkered pattern. I love the way you created the border. In looking at the close-up photos of the blocks, I had noticed the nice quilting. I had no idea you hand quilted all the lines! WOW. This was definitely a labor of love. Thank you for sharing one of your MANY talents with us.


Lynn said...

This will definitely be a wonderful family heirloom. You did a marvelous job with all that hand work. How long did it take start to finish? On my computer screen it looks brown, is it bright red?

Bambi said...

Beautiful ... and worth the wait. You are so talented!

grrl+dog said...

loving this one... it is contemporary and traditional at the same time...

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