Friday, June 19, 2009

An Array of Cowgirl ATCs!

When I found out about ATCs, I dove right in. Finally, something I can finish in an hour or so! And what a great way to use my beloved cowgirl pictures from ArtChix Studio!

The only problem was, what do you do with a bunch of ATCs when they are done? I decided to string them together with leather laces and hang them on the wall, kind of like a little paper quilt! Yippee kai aye aye!


TerBear said...

Yee-Haw! I LOVE your adorable cowgirl art. You pack so much detail into each one. The charms and netting add a bit of whimsy. They are great individually, and stunning grouped together!

Thanks for sharing another one of your MANY talents. Your versatility is amazing. I admire your artistic ability, but even more than that, I admire your ability to spread joy wherever you go. Diane, you have truly been a ray of sunshine in my life. I feel very blessed to call you my friend!

Hugs and Smiles,

Libby Buttons said...

Holy Horse Manure ! This is fantastic! Do you sell on etsy??????

aka "LiBBy BuTTons"