Monday, July 20, 2009

Three Bad Girls Wall Candy

I finally finished my Bad Girls project today! I'm thinking of renaming it "Bad Luck." It was one of those projects that should have been simple enough but I kept making ridiculous mistakes. For example, last night, I made the seam binding too narrow. "No problem!" I thought. "I'll just trim a little off the seam." I ended up cutting the seam too close and cutting the seam binding.
Then I left my fabric cutting wheel out on the table. My kitten, Sadie Lu, thought it was a toy and batted it off of the table. The next thing I knew, there were bloody paw prints everywhere. The poor thing cut her paw on the blade. Thank goodness, she's alright! Reupholstering the dining room chairs will be an upcoming project.
I started with a Mitch O'Connell pattern from Sublime Stitching and embroidered it on linen. I added borders from my Kaffe Fassett fabric stash and hand quilted it. I added vintage sequins and beads for extra spice. I put it all together to make...


Libby Buttons said...

Nicely done even if not easily done. I love the color combo

TerBear said...

I LOVE IT! Your embroidery is fabulous. I want you to teach me how to make such wonderful satin stitches. The sequin eyes are a wicked touch. Just what a bad girl needs. ;-)

I love all the sublime stitching patterns. I believe there is an area to share project photos on their webpage. I hope you submit a photo of this fun work of art. Jenny Hart, the founder, will be amazed!

I am so sorry to hear about your little Sadie Lu. I know how sharp those rotary cutters are. Ouch! I'm happy to hear that she is okay.

Happy Stitching!

PS You have just inspired to start my Sublime Stitching "Sexy Librarian" pattern. Someone has to break that stereotype. Might as well be me.