Friday, December 12, 2008

A Closer Look

This how-to book was my mom's. The copyright is 1959, so she must have had it when she was a newlywed. When I was a teenager, I used it to teach myself how to embroider. The jeans skirt was my canvas and as you can imagine, denim was not the easiest fabric to learn on. When I look at this now, I can't imagine how much time it took for inexperienced hands to do all that satin stitching!

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TerBear said...

Wow..... what wonderful memories. I too loved to embroider on my jeans, although my weren't quite that nice. You are right about the satin stitch. It takes time and talent and you did a GREAT job! It's wonderful that you have saved your work of art!

Welcome to the blog world. I look forward to seeing all the fun things you have to share!