Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where's My Blanket???

I made this coat from Pendelton blanket fabric back in 1996. I embellished it with hand embroidery. As you can see, it won a blue ribbon at the Sonoma County Fair. Unfortunately, it has such a boxy shape that I never wear it for fear of ending up on "What Not to Wear". One of these days, I will either remodel it or repurpose it!


TerBear said...

I love your coat! The fabric is gorgeous. I can see why you won a blue ribbon.

With the cold weather we have been having, I vote for wearing it. It must be nice and warm, plus it's beautiful. What's "Not to Wear" about it? ;-) That show is WAY overrated anyway. Enjoy your creation.

Austin said...

that is an awesome coat! i luv it and its so creative!