Sunday, December 28, 2008

We're Bursting With Creativity!

Another creation from Art and Soul in Portland. Push play arrow to see it in action.

While I was playing with Photoshop, my husband, Peter, was experimenting with Pinnacle. The result is this wonderful video showing a music box that I made in Thomas Ashman's class at Art and Soul. Starting at the bottom, we have legs made of copper refrigerator tubing pounded flat and bent into pleasing shapes. Atop the legs is a heart-shaped Altoids tin that houses a music box. The dancing doll is a collage covered in plexiglass that was hand cut...yes, hand cut...with a jeweler's saw. Thank you Petey for making an awesome video and special thanks to Sadie. You're a good actress!


Bambi said...

WOW ... what a cool video ... Petey and Sadie are so talented! A wonderful addition to your blog!

TerBear said...

I just watched this great video. Kudos to the artist and her talented husband! ;-)

This is a very fun creation. I love the little music box and the way the doll turns. You are one very talented lady!

Sadie is sure a little cutie pie.


Austin said...

i liked the video a lot and think that would be a very cool gift! i also think it is very cool and i like all of the stuff that u decorated it with!

Lynn said...

What fun you must have had at Art and Soul. Do you have to bring all those materials with you or buy them there? Or did the teacher supply them? Wondering. How far ahead must you sign up?
If you'd like to email me the answers you can: thanks.