Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sock Monkey Hat

One of my friends posted a picture of her daughter wearing an adorable sock monkey hat.  I said, "Please, please, please tell me someone made that for her!  I want to make one!!!"  It was a photo prop and she wasn't sure where the photographer got it, so I headed immediately to Google for some answers.  I found a cute crochet pattern and attempted it (for about 5 minutes).  Although I can crochet, it's not my favorite thing to do.  Then I tried to design my own pattern but it came out looking more like a fez.  I ended up going to my local knitting store and getting a pattern for a baby cap with ear flaps and then I designed my own ears and mouth.  It will be perfect...as long as my friend's baby has a cantaloupe-sized head!

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Lynn said...

This is adorable! I hope it fits. Fred is reading over my shoulder and he said "She made it for Peter!" LOL
I give you A+ for inventiveness.
Just catching up on your blog. I haven't been getting reminders in my side bar that you have posted. Wonder why? So when you came to mine today (thanks) I came via your name in my comments!!!