Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coming Together

I've had lots of charms rattling around the house since I learned how to solder.  I sold a necklace to a neighbor, who told a friend...long story short...I ended up selling 6 necklaces last week!  Well that inspired me to put those charms on chains and get busy.  I'm going to photograph the individual necklaces and put them on etsy, but in the meantime, I'm so excited about my progress that I thought I'd share.


Lynn said...

Oh what fun. Is it hard to souder?
What a huge collection you have amassed already!!! May you sell millions! Please take some close up photos so I can see more clearly. Thanks!

Peter Folks said...

Diane has been waiting for me to take some close-ups to post here and on etsy.

Lynn said...

Well, Peter, get to it! :-)

Diane, have you seen the Summer 2010 issue of Sew Somerset? It is chalk full of cowgirl art by Judy Bidwell. Know you will love it.
Check it out.